Guest of Honor 

Iaorana – Manava e Maeva!

Malo! Bozu! Aloha! Bienvenue!

Hello & Welcome…


Travel to the heart of the Culture of Tahiti and the Pacific islands when you enter the Guest Country of Honour Hall at the Grand Pavois La Rochelle.

Grand Pavois La Rochelle

Following the rhythm of your va’a (Polynesian dugout), a sensorial journey awaits you in the heart of the Pacific!

Savour the aroma of the tiaré flower, the emblem of Tahiti offered as a greeting, and place it behind your ear, then enter… You’ll be lulled by the sound of the ukulele and be able to watch the vahines dancing: songs and dances from the Pacific await you! Be sure to meet the craftsmen and artists on site and enjoy an immersive experience in the digital lounge during which you will discover the breath-taking underwater world. Enjoy a conference on traditional sailing when our adventurers used to find their way by the stars. Visit the craft stands: sculptors, tattoo artists, weavers, fabric dyers, and more, and be amazed by all their know-how. Finally, take a seat and enjoy some raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk or roast pua’a (pork). Savour and enjoy… you’re in the Pacific Islands! Tama’a maitai (enjoy your meal)

Grand Pavois La Rochelle

We’re offering you the chance to discover Tahiti and the Pacific Islands with Tahiti and its five archipelagos, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, Hawaii, Easter Island, New Zealand.

Grand Pavois La Rochelle
Grand Pavois La Rochelle

A blend of ancient traditions and modern culture

With their dances, music, and ceremonies, the populations of the South Pacific Islands are deeply attached to their identity and the fundamental traditions and values conveyed by each community. A master tattoo artist will offer you an insight into an ancient tradition: Tatau. According to Polynesian legend, the art of tattoos comes from Polynesian gods. The figures engraved on the skin recount your history, your identity… Make an appointment with our tattoo artists at the Grand Pavois 2022!

Although some sacred traditions are sworn to secrecy, other ancient rites have found their place in contemporary societies and have even crossed the Pacific. Some examples can be seen in traditional dances, legends and music (the Ori Tahiti, the Hawaiian Hula, the Soamako from Wallis and Futuna, the Hoko from Easter Island…
and the New Zealand Haka).

Would you like to enjoy some performances and try your hand at the hula or learn to play the ukulele? Come and meet our artists…


The South Pacific, a wealth of culture and biodiversity

In addition to its culture, the South Pacific is packed with many natural treasures. With more than 10,773 identified species, this region is a genuine biodiversity hotspot. Unfortunately, its treasures are increasingly under threat from climate change and the environmental impacts of humans. You will be able to meet certain organisations which work to protect the biodiversity and assist them by sponsoring coral or helping a turtle to return to the sea.


Crafts, specialities and local know-how

You will have the opportunity to make your own floral crown, learn how to create “Tifaifai” (emblematic patchwork), immerse yourself in “Matatiki“, the iconographic art of the Marquesas Islands, admire basket-weaving, participate in conferences on the Black pearls of Tahiti and find some jewellery, and take time to learn how to sculpt or tie your pareo in Tahitian style.

Chat with our craftsmen, artists and farmers and return home with your Monoi, a carved tiki, a pearl jewel, a typical dress… and live to the rhythm of the Pacific!

Grand Pavois La Rochelle

Delicious cuisine and exceptional products…

Take a break and treat yourself to the typical dishes of Tahiti and the Pacific Islands… there is no shortage of exceptional products! From vanilla to Polynesian rum, from breadfruit to coconut, discover all these flavours in the dishes prepared by our Chefs who will be delighted to present and share their traditional recipes with you! You will also be able to take part in demonstrations and cookery workshops and learn how to make chicken anani with poe or raw fish with coconut milk!

Grand Pavois La Rochelle
Grand Pavois La Rochelle

Share the Mana: good spirits await you

This insight into the culture of the Pacific Islands will allow you to enter into communion with the “Mana“, the “sacred force” that comes from the sky. A “Taurumi” (traditional massage) session with Monoi will help you to unwind so that you can then relax to the sound of the local musical instruments, be transported by the poetry of the traditional dances, and share this force and our infectious good spirits!

Grand Pavois La Rochelle

In practice:

Visit the 800m2 Pavilion, immerse yourself in the Culture of the Pacific at the Guest Country of Honour Hall and discover:

Its crafts: more than twenty stands, workshops for sharing know-how, emblematic products, unmissable souvenirs. Six tattoo artists.

Its gastronomy: two catering services from the Pacific will serve menus with authentic tastes.

Its events: Dance performances, concerts and new experiences. Varied conferences. Cultural workshops. Culinary workshop. Demonstrations and discussions.

Its travel space: meet our partners and book your forthcoming holiday!

Each day, discover a varied programme that immerses you in island life… We’re looking forward to meeting you and sharing our mana with you!

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