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We are an OEM operating within the marine industry. We manufacture the Dtorque 50, the world’s only 50hp Diesel Outboard for marine professionals.

Werftbahnstraße 8
24143 KIEL
0049.431. | www.neander-motors.com

Dtorque 50_neander

Dtorque 50 Turbo Diesel Outboard Engine

The Dtorque 50 is the world’s only 50hp Diesel Outboard. Made by marine professionals, for marine professionals. The end users of the Dtorque are commercial operators in the oil and gas, cruise ship, super yacht, harbour patrol, fish farming and tourist industries, and therefore rely on being able to use their boats daily, without interruption.

Video presentation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHfhk4ixcj8


Location(s) :
  • Ponton 3 – 3-16
  • Espace Equipements – R45

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